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Born in Te Borg
Married 14 May 1729 to:
Fijken Hansen from Herwen


Baptismal April 17, 1730 at Herwen & Aerdt
Parents: Willem Smit and Feyken Hassen
Godparents: Barant Hanssen and Catherina Janssen

Occupation: "Smid" in the town of Huissen, Holland
Married to:
Hendrina Giesbers
Born January 15, 1734 at Herwen & Aerdt


Willem de Smidt
Born January 22, 1765 at Huissen
Parents: Herman de Smidt and Hendrina Giesbers
Godparents: Gerrit Giesbers and Grietje de Smidt


Sophia de Smidt & Gertrudis de Smidt (Twins)
Born October 24, 1766 at Huissen
Parents: Herman de Smidt and Hendrina Giesbers
for Sophia - Jan Giesbers and Bartje Giesbers
for Gertrudis - A van Emden and G van Emden

Joannes Smit
Born September 22, 1768 at Huissen
Parents: Herman de Smit and Hendrina Giesbers
Godparents: Joannes Wous and Bartje van der Kluijs

Herman de Smidt died June 2, 1772 in the morning of a fever at the age of 42.
Leaving a wife and 4 children.
Was also a "Smid" in the town.

Hendrina Giesbers, 40 years old, widow of Herman deSmidt, remarried on July 9, 1773 with Henrick Geurts, a young man from Oud-Zevenaar, who had lived in Driel.
Was also in Driel proclaimed unattached, attest given by "Dominee" Kerkhof at Elden, living in the town as "Smid"

Hendrina Giesbers died on February 23, 1810 in Huissen at the age of 77, wife of Hendrik Geurts, de "Smid" at "Vierakkerse Poort", of old age, buried February 28 in the cemetry.

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